S & W Crane Hire played an integral part in the famous 2014 "Mangogate" incident instigated by Nando's. Demonstrating an ability to work rapidly and safely as a team, our Bowen crane operators and riggers helped Nando's "borrow" the iconic oversized fruit in a late-night "heist" that attracted nationwide media attention. The S & W crew had removed and hidden the mango, with much difficulty and as best they could due to the size, on a close by property.

The "Mangogate" case was used to promote Nando's new mango & lime flavoured sauce. This new flavour was launched at Federation Square in Melbourne, alongside a specially built but much smaller version of the mango!

At the end of the "Mangogate" stunt S & W returned the famous landmark from it's hiding place, back into position at one of the entries to beautiful Bowen. Nando's showed their appreciation by being in Bowen on the day the mango was put back into place.

S & W Crane Hire are proud to have played a part in an event that brought positive media coverage to the town of Bowen and surrounding region, as well as Nando's.